[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This is such a common question so I’ll tackle it the best I can by introducing Kate Somerville SPF50 Makeup Setting Spray as well as a few other suggestions. It’s easier to use your SPF as a base or primer before applying your make up but if you want to top up during the day without disrupting your carefully applied make up there are sprays for exactly that. However, I don’t think we are at full knowledge of efficacy of light film SPFs or SPF fuelled bases – on the one hand, we’ve all seen the teaspoon required to give full protection and a teaspoon of foundation on anyone’s face isn’t going to look – er, natural. I also think that we’ve fallen into a bit of a beauty industry trap of thinking unless we are loaded with SPF on our faces dreadful things will happen. It’s a huge leap between preventing skin cancers and being concerned about a premature line or two but does anyone really know if applying an SPF primer, an SPF foundation and then SPF top up sprays is too much? It’s a lot on the skin. Conversely, if we go the full hog with just one thick SPF50, it’s almost impossible to keep make up on, never mind controlling the sweat moustache that it gives.

Kate Somerville SPF50 Makeup Setting Spray

So, to the point in question – top ups that go well over make up. Kate Somerville’s SPF 50 Makeup setting spray (honestly, I nearly go mad with makeup, make up or make-up – who knows!?) is specifically designed to give a light film that settles on the skin and gives a matte finish. It feels a little oily at first but quickly settles and the mist is ultra-fine – I’m not sure I’d class it as fully matte though until it’s been on the skin for quite some time. I’d suggest that you don’t ‘over-mist’ because of the initial oiliness that can induce mascara smudging and use it as a light protection top-up – more as a handy hand-bag item in case you’re caught unawares. In fact, I’d say that for all mists. I should flag that reviews on this are mixed. It’s £34 HERE.

Kate Somerville’s SPF 50 Makeup setting spray

Garnier Ambre Solaire also has an SPF 50 Over Make Up Spray which is currently on sale at Look Fantastic for £6 HERE, and La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Protection Face Mist SPF50 is £10.50 instead of £14 HERE. I haven’t personally tested Pixi Sun Mist, SPF30 £18 HERE, but it has good reviews. I think the secret to sun mists is little and often – it’s not realistic to expect your make up to stay perfect if you drench your face in what has to be an oil-based product. Most will have a mattifying element but you must give them a few minutes to dry. Half of me says just get a hat instead to avoid all the pitfalls but for me, the easiest thing is to use TanLuxe (£35 HERE) or similar to warm my tone, use no base and apply blush, mascara, lips etc – nobody ever notices there is no foundation and believe me, it’s much more comfortable and less perspiration inducing.

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