They didn’t know how frustrated women were at not having anywhere to talk about their beauty buys;
They didn’t know that consumers would listen to real real-life reviews far more readily than any pretend advertorial reviews;
They didn’t know that we’d be able to influence sales;
They didn’t know just how much we know about beauty;
They didn’t know how important each and every purchase is;
They didn’t know how a beauty buy is coveted, poured over, tested, discussed and judged;
They didn’t know how quickly their ‘mistakes’ would be recognized and broadcast;
They didn’t know that actual consumers would be able to ‘read’ business and advertising strategies as easily as if they were Heat magazine;
They didn’t know we’d be able to spot and advise on dupes across the beauty spectrum – so what if Paradoxical is sold out? There’s an identical colour at Model’s Own;
They didn’t know we’d be able to create and influence trends;
They didn’t know we actually read the fine print (i.e. filmed with lash inserts);
They didn’t know that if we see or experience bad customer service or make a purchase that doesn’t live up to expectations, that we’d create a place to pass on the news;
They didn’t know just how many women (and men) love make up and skincare to the point they’d create video channels, films, and written pieces that collectively millions of other women (and men) would read every day;
They didn’t know that many bloggers know the MAC foundation colour chart off by heart and can colour match at twenty paces;
They didn’t know how important it is to have accurate colour swatches on e-tail sites (and they still don’t really understand that);
They didn’t know we want to know all the ingredients in a product and we are very likely know the exact function of each one;
They didn’t know we want to be more educated about products and that they won’t lose business because we are more informed;
They didn’t know that they’d get the most valuable customer feedback they could ever hope to have via blogs;
They didn’t know that ‘hard sell’ equals ‘no sale’;
They didn’t know that we know the sales routines and patters from behind the scenes sources and that we just don’t fall for it anymore;
They didn’t know that their target market very often isn’t their true market;
They didn’t know that we need products to prove themselves;
They didn’t know that we use a proper decision making process to make beauty purchases – we don’t just believe the ads;
They didn’t know that we just aren’t that gullible; and finally
They didn’t know that we can have a whole night’s conversation on Twitter about one nail varnish colour.

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