I’m so resistant to having a ‘regular’ hairdresser now.. don’t ask me why but I like the challenge of walking in off the street and seeing what happens. So far, I haven’t had a bad experience yet, and I’m telling you, I would rather pay £29 for a very decent central London hair cut with no frills that pay £120 for the offer of a sandwich, magazines and coffee.

So I found myself with an hour to kill in Covent Garden this afternoon and mooched around to find a hairdresser.. and down a little street off Neal Street I found the Alterity Studio. I asked for a trim (nobody does a ‘trim’ any more.. it’s the full works or nothing, I find) and was told that I could definitely have that but the hairdresser (I didn’t get her name, my bad) didn’t have time to do a full blow dry, so although she would dry my hair it wouldn’t be a proper just stepped out of the salon look. Which was absolutely fine with me since I’d just walked in on the off chance.

I got a decent, no frills wash (I explained my loathing of a head massage and she duly washed my hair with no kneading) and using a technique that I haven’t actually ever seen before, set to the trim. She followed my instructions to the letter, and cut it wet, then finger dried it through and cut it again. It’s perfect..other than my fringe which is a little bit short but that’s down to my ‘on the brow’ instruction that didn’t make clear that what I really meant was ‘just below the brow’! And better yet, the hairdresser just let me deal with my emails on my phone and I didn’t get asked if I’d been on holiday! Yay. Fuss-free, simple and totally acceptable for £29 and all completed under the hour. 

I think prices are on offer at the moment, because that is very reasonable – if she had time to do the full blow dry it would have been £35.. still pretty good value. 

Anyway, the website is here and I’d definitely recommend Alterity Studio as a fast fix for a basic, but skilled, experience. Find it HERE

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