[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad/prioradrelationship] I always feel a bit guilty for starting the Advent Calendar line up so early but honestly, they (almost all, across all brands) sold out within days of release. Last year, I waited for a more seemly time and too bad, they were all gone. So, the market dictates – I’m not ready, you’re probably not ready but thousands of people are so here we go! I like this advent best of all because in amongst the commercial aspect, The Body Shop always makes sure that others benefit too – this year, it’s The Honeypot Children’s Charity which supports young carers. As a side-note, behind the scenes, TBS have implemented a scheme where they will collect any of our (content creators, journalists) unwanted gifts (because we do get an excessive amount a this time of year) and send them off to Sali and Jo’s charity, Beauty Banks. My stuff tends to go towards local fund raisers or an annual pre-Christmas ‘sale’ for friends and family with the proceeds going in various directions but it’s good to know that there’s another option if needs be.

The Body Shop Advent Calendars 2021

So, the calendar I have here is the Share Love & Joy – a bountiful and sturdy box with a pop-up scene and 25 gifts (yes, 25!, no slacking off at 24) with a value of £204, costing £140 HERE. They’re limited to one per customer so that tells you all you need to know about availability. There’s everything from Berry Bath Soak to Mango Mist with a side order of lip butters, face masks, cleansers and moisturisers.

The Body Shop Advent Calendars 2021

It’s the same drawer arrangement as previous years (this is a nightmare to photograph – once you take any of the product in their individual numbered boxes out, it is the devil’s own job to put them back together again!) and it’s big – if you have only a very small space available for it, it might not be the one for you. It’s also very heavy – ordering on line seems essential. This year, there are several advent offerings – Share The Joy (£55 value £77) HERE, Share The Love (£80 value £119) HERE and Share The Love & Joy (£140) and I think maybe one more that’s not loaded up yet on TBS website at the time of writing.

The Body Shop Advent Calendars 2021

If you remember from last year, each box has a saying or suggestion on it to remind us that it’s a sharing celebration one way or another. Of course, it’s all completely recyclable and sustainable, and can be repurposed (ribbons sprang to mind because I’ve accumulated so many over the years – I just can’t seem to throw them away especially if they’ve got Chanel or Dior on them!). I think I prefer this ‘bigger picture’ approach – Christmas is both happy and sad for a lot of people and seeing that it’s not just all about huge families and joyfulness (my last one was the most stressful of my life one way and another – really, very difficult) but part of a giving period whether to yourself or others in time, thought or practicality is helpful and soothing I think for those for whom the season is tricky.

The full Christmas Gift range launches next week – as a sneak preview, the limited edition seasonal range includes Love & Plums, Kindness & Pears and Joy and Jasmine. I’m so looking forward to seeing (and smelling) these. Non affiliate is HERE.


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