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Okay, so most boxes seem to have arrived at their destination – so far so good; no negative feedback. I can’t tell you the relief!

However, I know there is some disappointment from those who weren’t able to get hold of one, or didn’t know about it. I can confirm that I will do one more, probably in November time with a Christmas theme. The best way to get to know about this is to use the subscribe box on this blog – it means you get an early morning email with the previous day’s blog posts and this will alert you. Or, you could use Blog Lovin HERE to subscribe.

Anyway, a very big thank you to everyone who is tweeting and blogging about the box – I’m so grateful to you and delighted that you like it so much. You can use the #BBBbeautybox hashtag and that way I can make sure I see your posts and keep up with the tweets.

I’ve also spotted that there are three BBB Beauty Boxes on Ebay for £45 each; I can’t stop whoever did this, obviously, but can only urge you not to part with your money – that wasn’t the intent of the box (otherwise I would have charged that and gone on a world cruise!!!).

The success of the box has taken me by surprise, really. It was more just an experiment in going through the process but I did know that the products had to be exciting and interesting and things I already loved. As I say, plans are going ahead for another one – as for the future of BBB Beauty Boxes – I really don’t know; the point of them is to try and give something back to readers that is genuinely good value and because I’d like them to have the opportunity to experience the things I rave about (with good reason, I hope). What I imagine will happen is that others will emulate and hopefully there will be more amazing boxes, but then, as happened with subscription beauty boxes, supply will outstrip demand. The very last thing I ever want to be said about my beauty boxes is ‘oh no, not another one!’ If, next year, I can see there is a real demand I might re-think, but for now, past the November one, it’s not in the forward plan of BBB!

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