Due to launch at Selfridges first in March, alongside their brand new fragrance, Aura and a bath & body line are these fabulous beauty jewels from Swarovski containing gloss and a silver highlighting shimmer that can be used on eyes. Love them.

PS: 6.30pm: I now have these beauties in my hands – they are truly lovely – the photo doesn’t do them justice. The packaging is gorgeous too – the pendants are contained inside a concertina’d cupcake size and shaped wrap and then in a tiny round silver box. They’re very, very impressive and can see them being a sell out. The pendants themselves are nicely weighty – nothing flimsy about these at all and open on a slide mechanism to reveal the gloss or highlight within. The silver highlight is lovely – it looks deep and molten in the pendant but once swatched is a very delicate glitter. I like glitters in a holding medium – if you’re going to sparkle you need to apply very carefully so you don’t look too shimmery and my control freakery when it comes to sparkle is appeased by the fact that I can accurately place it where I want it with no danger of it puffing out all over the place! I’m very impressed.

I’ve also had a chance to sample the Swarovski fragrance, Aura. Now, I get scared when brands decide to develop their own fragrances….I probably only need to point out the fact that you can smell Abercrombie & Fitch practically at Piccadilly Circus from it’s off-Regent street base because of the ‘models’ liberally spraying unsuspecting customers at the front door. Brands quite often just whack out a scent and wait for the money to roll in, but in this case, Swarovski have actually thought it through. The scent is very wearable – but (and bear in mind that it’s Clarins behind this range – Thierry Mugler etc) also very sweet. Initially, I didn’t like the vanilla undertone, but it settles down into a sweet floral that’s actually very pretty. It’s packaged nicely too with a crystal on the lid.

Crystal Gloss Transparent Shimmer £48
Crystal Gloss Glistening Pink £48
Crystal Touch Silver Shimmer £55

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