[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I got thoroughly influenced myself when I saw the results of Sunday Riley Good Genes on someone I follow on Instagram. I knew I had a bottle somewhere from a SpaceNK offer so I rootled it out and started using it – about two to three weeks ago. At the same time, I unearthed a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair so thought I might as well go for broke with both. I got put off Sunday Riley as a brand by a couple of things – not least a fake review hooha so it’s a long time since I used anything from them, but time passes etc, etc. I also haven’t been near a Lauder product for literally years so it was great to change things up a bit. I’ve got a retinol product arriving today that I’m I’m going to trial for three to four weeks (on a sponsored basis) so today is my last day with Good Genes and ANR.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Review

Starting with ANR – it’s a good serum companion to moisturisers when want you want is extra hydration and skin smoothing although the ingredients don’t suggest the silkening results. In fact, I don’t think, unless you are very dry, it needs to be used under a moisturiser – this works just as well on its own especially if you take no notice at all of the ‘Night’ in the title because you can just as well use it in the day. It’s powered by peptides, ferment, squalane and hyaluronic to give rough-feeling skin some extra smoothing in a very lightweight formula. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will perk up complexions that need flexibility and more vibrancy. It’s expensive but you do feel you are using a quality product.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Review

Sunday Riley Good Genes is designed purely for exfoliation and cell turn over using glycolic acid as the main ingredient to target dull skin. Skin gets dull for a variety of reasons – the only way you can avoid it is to keep those cells turning over so that the fresher ones are always at the forefront (use SPF!). Good Genes uses glycolic acid in such a gentle formula (buffered by soothing prickly pear extract) that you’d never know that you’re actively exfoliating. On the ingredient listing, glycolic is quickly followed by squalane which gives a decent moisturising element so again, this could be used on its own.  It’s interesting to me that both ANR and Good Genes are sold as serums when they work so well as stand alone hydrators with a bit extra (marketing, basically). So, I’ve doubled up with Good Genes doing the heavy lifting of cell turnover and ANR the moisture and the results are undeniably good – my skin is nicely and naturally glowy and not only does it feel ridiculously soft to the touch, but it looks it too. On a couple of occasions I’ve forgotten to add either before I went to bed and still woke up feeling as though I had applied which signals the cumulative effect (ANR claims 72 hour hydration). So, a quick review but impressive results for such a brief time with them. You can find Sunday Riley Good Genes HERE for the eye-watering price of £85 for the 30ml, and ANR for £60 HERE although at least you can get 15% off if it’s your first order. Non-affiliate is HERE.



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