Ultra Protect
Ultra Protect

You have to ask yourself whether deodorant needs to be science led to just keep your armpits fresh and dry? Deodorant is one of those daily products that we probably don’t even think about – it’s as natural to apply it as it is to brush your teeth or comb your hair. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you’ll know that I’m not into treating armpits as though they’re lacking in some way if they aren’t completely perfect. What I definitely am into though is products that actually do their job (nobody wants little damp patches) and are kind to skin. Especially sensitive skin.

I’m happy to flag up the Soft & Gentle Skin Science range as exactly that, without making us feel any sweat or armpit shame. Women sweat – let’s just deal with it.  The one I like best is Really Pure Anti-Perspirant Deodorant that’s made without Aluminium Chlorohydrate, instead, using an ingredient called Potassium Alum that creates a pH level under your arms where bacteria can’t grow. If bacteria isn’t growing, your pits aren’t smelling! Really Pure is also made with no alcohol (you know that ouchy feeling when you’ve just shaved and then put on your pit squit?) and has oat oil for calming and soothing. Like the entire Skin Science range, Really Pure is anti-white marks and compressed, meaning that it’s a small container that will fit in your handbag or gymbag with no problem at all.


Second up is Skin Science Ultra Protect with a claim of 72 hours of protection. That’s like 3 days worth! However, Soft & Gentle Skin Science isn’t saying you only need to use it every 3 days; it’s more that it will withstand a 3 day wait if you’re glamping at a festival or other hard-to-wash activities. In reality, Skin Science Ultra Protect has more use for those who sweat more strongly than others. It’s a genetic straw pick as to whether you’ll naturally sweat a little or a lot. Ultra Protect is also good for that extra level of protection to see you through a gym session or a run and because it contains Soybean, an emollient, there’s less likelihood of perspiration causing irritated skin. Bottom line is that this one is for hard sweaters, whether natural or exertion induced.


Finally, there’s Skin Science Visibly Smooth. I had a little bit of a “no, I don’t think so” moment with this one until I really got to grips with what it does, which is reduce the speed and thickness of hair growth with results after 8 weeks by targeting the protein responsible for hair growth (called VEGF) with a plant molecule, chelidonine. While I am adamant that you don’t necessarily need to ‘prettify’ your armpits, and nor would I be embarrassed about a little bit of shadow, most of us go through a hair removal routine under there. Personally, I just strip wax it off at home – it hurts every single time – so if there’s less to wax away then that I’m totally up for that. Visibly Smooth also has soybean (actually, all of the Skin Science variants do) so the skin under your arms doesn’t get dried out.

To write this post, I’ve really had to think about armpits and deodorising, and it’s genuinely an awakening for me that using the same old stuff day in day out (which is what I have been doing) isn’t necessarily the best thing when there are targeted products that do the same job but a bit more as well. I guess it’s a bit like choosing between a toothpaste that brightens your teeth and one that just cleans them – I mean, why wouldn’t you opt for the extra bit, too? The Soft & Gentle Skin Science products are £2.09 each HERE.


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