[unpaid/sample] It’s not often I come across a product where I just say yes without having tried it at all. But Caroline Hirons has formulated a beautifully gentle exfoliating toner that all skin types and any age skin (other than very young) will benefit from in terms of clarity and lightfulness.

I’m immediately keen on it (and yes, I’ve tried it for a few days now) for the gentleness of it – we’ve somehow got into thinking we need to feel the burn in order for something to be effective and that’s just not the case. I have doubts about over-exfoliating the skin and the long term effects of that – those doubts surged when the brands who brought out the first mainstream acid toners suddenly started selling soothing solutions. The Gentle Acid comes with a strong warning to limit your time in the sun – AHA can increase sensitivity – and of course to wear SPF while using it. Speaking of use, it’s a once a day product for either morning or evening (personally, I’d choose evening) and you use it just like you would any toner – drops on a cotton or recyclable pad, smooth over face, job is done.

I like the fact that Caroline has combined the AHA with PHA (polyhydroxic acid) which are functionally similar to AHAs but gentler on the skin. Core ingredients are Mandelic acid, Lactic acid and Gluconolactone and what you can expect is more glow, smoother looking skin, antioxidant protection and an increase in hydration. I’ve only just started using this and reluctant as I am to add anything to my (ever changing) skin care routine, this is as easy an addition as you could ever have. It’s also telling that my neck, which is super sensitive to any acids (my face is tough as old boots!) hasn’t shown any signs of being unhappy. There is another new acid from Skin Rocks, The Control Acid, which is more for breakout and oily skin and if you don’t have either of those, you don’t need it. The Gentle Acid is £49 (very annoying as free shipping starts at £50) HERE.





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