[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I know, about a year behind everyone else, but I’ve finally got hold of Skin Rocks The Support Oil created by Caroline Hirons. It’s for any type, any age complexions that Caroline calls ‘a fire extinguisher for the skin’.

Skin Rocks The Support Oil Review

It’s a very easy, wearable oil – light on the skin with immediate relief for any dryness. It’s the sort of SOS skin care product we should all probably have in our line-up for tricky skin days. It’s extremely undemanding to use – I’ve used it both at night and in the morning and actually prefer it as a morning oil because it leaves a light sheen on the complexion that’s perfectly light-catchy without looking greasy. The formula uses jojoba, macadamia, sunflower and squalane which is all that is needed to create a skin conditioning barrier that soothes redness.

Skin Rocks The Support Oil Review

Yesterday is a good example of the usefulness of this oil – I had too much sun and too much fan. I thought I’d put SPF on but hadn’t (we had another dog staying over the weekend and lovely as she is, I realise that two is too many – it was fun but chaos!) and when I wasn’t walking/playing, I was next to a fan. Red, slightly sore skin ensued and today, it has calmed down mightily after two applications of The Support Oil. If you’re looking at serious ‘anti-ageing’ this isn’t it (Caroline has several retinol products so I can see where the oil sits in the routine) but as a fragrance free, easy relief oil, I can’t find fault with it really. It’s £60 HERE but you need such a small amount (see top of the lid as a guide) that it will probably last and last.


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