I’m not one for fiddly hair treatments and I have to admit this is actually pretty low on the fiddly score but it does take a good half hour to an hour out of your day so plan in some time before you use it.

You start with a pre-cleanse treatment that strips out any lingering residue from past products. At this stage, your hair feels pretty rough, and you have to do it twice, rinsing thoroughly and carefully each time. You then mix the shine preparation by applying to the mid lengths first and working your way to the root area. You leave that for 20 minutes before rinsing away. The final step is to add a final dab of the mix into your hair and massage through for a minute before rinsing. 

At this stage my hair felt very knotty and stripped; the brush through was a bit of a nightmare and once I’d begun to blow dry my heart sank a bit because I was convinced it hadn’t worked. The point at which I was absolutely gobsmacked was after using hot irons to straighten my hair. The shine is WOW! Absolutely the shiniest my hair has ever, ever been – and soft as well with no tangles.

The shine lasted for a good three days – people commented on how glossy my hair looked (and that never happens!) until I next washed. The box says that the shine lasts for up to 24 washes – I would say that on my hair, the shine diminished from the next time I washed and although it is still quite shiny, it doesn’t come close to the initial lustre of the very first application.

However, I still highly recommend this for a special occasion or if you just want wow hair for a week. It may of course last longer on different hair types. Personally, I will use this again and again despite the short life of the shine on my hair.. because it really is something kinda miraculous. 

At £12.99 it isn’t a budget breaker. It launches on 21st May so do keep an eye out for it on www.keepmeinspired.co.uk

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