Map Space NK Broadwick Street
Map Space NK Broadwick Street

As a beauty writer, it’s really easy to forget what it’s like to shop for beauty products – there is no downside to being sent products to try and test (apart from space) so don’t get me wrong, but when you write about beauty but rarely shop for it, you become a little removed from the experience. Bearing in mind that a lot of women really don’t find it any kind of enjoyable experience, I put it to the test myself today.

Firstly, the thing that struck me in SpaceNK Broadwick Street was the lighting. It’s about as perfect as it can be for shopping make-up. It’s also quite a calm space and although I was asked twice if I would like help, I never felt hassled. The second thing that struck me is just how expensive the products are… I do, of course, know the price of products but it’s one thing to have it told to you on a press release, and another entirely to have to take it out of your own purse! I’ve long wanted to try Zelens but at £95 for a pot of face mask, I gave it a miss. I also looked at Clarks Botanicals where the best selling serum is £285. Erm, no. I’d rather have a dress and some shoes.

What I settled on in the end was Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse at £40 and a Laura Mercier Longwear Eye Pencil in Black at £16.50 so my whole bill was £56.50. I was really impressed that when there was only one customer ahead of me in the queue to pay, the staff opened another till straight away so I didn’t even have to wait the two minutes until he’d finished. There was a general aura of busyness in the shop but it felt an easy space to browse for as long as I wanted. The store was immaculately clean as well.

All in all, I’d rate the shopping experience very highly – beauty buying as it should be done; space to browse and think, no hassling and super quick service when you’re ready. Impressed.

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