Scentered Therapy Balm
Scentered Therapy Balm Be Happy

Thanks to the help of Twitter friends, I’m turning out the be literally the Masterchef at cooking for dogs to try and help Honey get better! So, with cooking not my forte and and a poorly dog needing lots of time and attention, it’s safe to say that I’m stressed with that vague but constant nausea and jumpiness that comes with worry. I was sent the Scentred Therapy Balm a couple of weeks ago and have it on the side of my desk – it’s not that it miraculously makes me feel completely calm or anything, but it does serve as a distraction for my brain to take a deep sniff of it and breathe out. There’s something about it that makes you want to breathe it in quite deeply and, combined with a long exhale, can be a kind of re-adjust for a moment or two.

The fragrance I have is Be Happy – a blend of spearmint (which I love), lemon myrtle and grapefruit in a soft, shea butter base so it glides onto the skin. It’s a limited edition fragrance (I tried the rest of the range last year) but I hope it joins the full line up. I’d very happily a) buy more of it and b) gift it to anyone who’s feeling stressed or fed up. It’s not a miracle cure for anything but it just feels like a rather kind thing to have at your side – like a friendly olfactory pat on the back. You can find it HERE for £14.50.

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