I think it would be pretty fair to say that on initial impact, I really did not like Amorosa at all. However, after a few minutes settling on the skin, it’s really rather wow and unlike anything else I’ve smelled before. It’s just one of those perfumes that needs skin to make it sing and once it’s mellowed, it’s beautiful. 

The inclusion of watermelon as a top note is where it becomes different and unusual, and as is the mark of a fragrance crafter Ruth has somehow made watermelon become friends with the bottom notes of woods and amber. In the middle there are white flowers, which connect beautifully with both fruits and woods, but generally speaking, watermelon and amber really shouldn’t even be in the same room, never mind be friends! 

This one is definitely for fragrance afficionados; I can see it being copied (badly) for the high street because it is so enticing but when you can smell appreciate the craftsmanship of the creator, I think you know you are on to something special. There aren’t many fragrances I can think of as crafted. 

Find Amorosa EDP, £60, HERE

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