I’ve been dying to post about the reader trial with Tria for ages but really had to hold out until the full 6 months was up as I don’t think anything less gives an accurate review. In theory, gadgets like Tria sound miraculous, but it’s down to hard testing to discover if they really are. This hair removing gadget is an expensive inital lay out – nearly £700 – so it was important to give it enough time to see if it’s an investment worth making. Here’s Cemo’s review:

“Tria, in my opinion is a little miracle. I have tough, dark Mediterranean hair and it is quite coarse, and therefore obvious. Exposing my naked skin in the summer months is always an issue for me and something I feel self-conscious about, especially on my arms. Tria guarantees permanent hair removal results using a home laser system and I’ve been using it as per instructions (once every two weeks) for the full six months. Without doubt, it has made my hair finer and I have faith that with continued regimented use, the results will keep on improving. Prior to using Tria, I used to shave my legs and use depilatory creams on my arms every day. Now, I can get away with not shaving for up to 3 days – for me, an amazing result, and when the hair grows back it is much finer. So, I have seen results with the Tria slowing both the rate of growth and the strength of growth.

It’s unrealistic to say there’s no pain using the Tria machine, but I have found the level easily bearable, and it will entirely depend upon how sensitive you are. I found that covering large areas of skin made me feel restless and was more uncomfortable than doing smaller areas at a time. The circular area that delivers the laser light is small, and the machine is heavy! So, expect an aching arm if you are having a blitz.

For an at home laser treatment, I would definitely say Tria is worth investing in…if you are committed to sticking religiously to the routine, and of course, if you have the budget, because it isn’t cheap. It’s a clever product and I would love to keep it for longer to get the full-term benefits. I’d definitely recommend it though, and not least because I’ve been showing my legs off all summer with confidence.”


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