[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’m shoe-horning in this unglamorous thing that I’ve been trialling because it absolutely works, I’d highly recommend it and there is a good price deal on it. I’ve spent 10 weeks religiously following the once-a-week regime with the SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL and I certainly can see results.

SmoothSkin Pure Fit Home IPL Device

Lucy is using it too and if she’s not already here, pops in once a week to top up with the device. She’s been using SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL for about 3 weeks so is yet to see the result but my goodness, there is a clear reduction in my underarm hair – as in, there isn’t really any now. I know that IPL devices work because several years ago I trialled a device (Philips Lumea) on my legs and leg hair is just not a thing for me now – occasional strays pop up that I tweeze out and if I could be bothered, I’d just re-laser them, but other than the maybe five or six hairs that appear now and then, leg hair is not a thing for me. I used a device on my underarms about 10 years ago and it worked in the short term – I never topped up though so it all came back. I question myself now because it’s so easy to keep things in order but all that time ago, devices were far more cumbersome and a bit more of a bother. But doing yoga twice a week made me think I’d like to give it a go again because I suppose I am seeing my armpits more! Nobody at my class could care less about body hair and generally I do my own waxing but I’m lazy about it so IPL seemed like the perfect solution. Devices have come a very long way in a decade.

And, so SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL has proved to be a success. Underarms are so quick I’d say I do them in less than a minute – the device is easy with a central button that you press to activate the ‘flash’ which won’t activate unless you have full contact so you’re always getting a full flash. Part of the prep for IPL is to shave your hair which makes the contact far less painful – I don’t think I’ve had to do that for at least four weeks. I can see there is a just a tiny fold with some active hair follicles which could mean that I’ve just missed that section so I’m refocussing there for a couple of weeks but other than that, there is nothing at all. I’m thinking about doing my bikini line (see, that yoga is not going to waste!) just for the miracle of seeing how well the device works – and chin! I am coming for you (yes, it’s safe for the face, and on that matter, any gender). SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL is a big recommend from me – it’s not glamorous, you need to follow the regime and it’s not cheap either (30% off HERE at Current Body bringing it from £279 to £195) but as long as you top up every few weeks, your days of removal cream, waxing, in-grown treatments and shaving are over and there has to be some kind of longer term saving there. I believe this is a Black Friday price – come spring and summer when you’re more minded to think about hair removal, I don’t know that the offer will be matched. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, it seems my code for Current Body still works so you can get an extra £10 off – use BBSS10 at checkout.

SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL (or any other IPL) needs some colour in the hair to target – IPL works by sending light to the hair pigment which gives a burst of heat that causes the cells that enable hair to grow to stop. It’s not suitable for grey or white hair, or even very pale blonde or red (although if you have brown-red you will be ok). Very deep skin tones should not use IPL because the melanin means your skin could absorb too much light. If you haven’t shaved effectively you might feel a ping of an ouch – the heat feels on the verge of too hot but is bearable, but one long hair and you certainly know about it.


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