Now, here’s the thing about Priori. It’s not really a *shouty* brand, but it is quietly knocking out some really impressive products. Probably best known for its inclusion of highly anti-oxdiant Coffeeberry in its skincare products, the thing I’m focussing on at the moment is the Lash Recovery Serum. Most lash products have a big ask attached – namely, that you wait for around six weeks to see a result. As everyone knows, it is really hard to keep up a regime for that long as you lose faith quite quickly when you don’t see anything happening. They do work – eventually. But Priori’s lash enhancer claims to give results in two weeks, and that’s something I can definitely commit to. I have lash extensions and have done so for two years – I haven’t had any problems but anything I can do to boost the strength and thickness of my lashes is a good thing and makes way for even more extensions! You can also use Lash Recovery Serum on brows. The formula doesn’t rely on prostaglandins to boost lashes; instead, a triple Lipopeptide complex. It isn’t cheap, but I’ve seen it at differing prices over on Google so do shop around.


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