If I was naming a hair removing gadget, I can’t say that mē, my elōs would have instantly sprung to mind, but I’ve been having a really good look at this device and so far, it is very impressive. I’m careful to note that they call it a ‘permanent hair reduction’ device rather than the grander scale ‘permanent hair removal’ because this is far more realistic that the permanent hair removal claim of some devices. 

It’s also a huge move on from the stop-start hair removal systems that have a doll’s house size window that you have have to stop and ‘zap’ each area.  mē, my elōs allows you simply to glide the device over the areas that need defuzzing in one smooth motion. When I think back to a couple of years ago, and grid marking my legs with a white crayon to ensure the ‘stamping’ covered each and every part of my limbs, it seems ridiculous. And it was incredibly time consuming. mē, my elōs claim it takes about half an hour to do everywhere; underarms, legs and bikini. Plus, with this system, you don’t need gel so you don’t have to keep pouring money into the hair removal gel pit but you do need to occasionally repurchase the cartridge (yes, no further spend was just too good to be true, right) – and it is not at all cheap at £450 and £49.99 for a new cartridge. 

So, it works by combining Intense Pulse Light and Radio Frequency to disable the hair follicle and prevent future hair growth. The IPL energy is converted into thermal energy heating it and treating it and shutting down the follicle’s ability to produce more hair.  Elos claim that after 4 treatments, up to 89% of hair will have been reduced. 

I’m on it.. I’m going to start testing properly under my arms (so there will be no photos! You will have to take my word for it) and I’ll report back as soon as there is anything to say.

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