This is such a beautiful product; the presentation is faultless, but I’ve got to confess I’m not sure what it does in terms of priming. The coloured pearls are fat and when you pump the bottle you seem to get a burst of one shade rather than all the shades; it comes out as a pearly irridescent gel with a few shimmery bits. I can’t say I looked any more illuminated as a result of using it but it felt very unobtrusive on the skin. This might come into its own in the summer on natural skin to give it a little bit of a boost. It’s £23 and launches in Harrods in February. 

NB: There’s a bit of confusion and it’s my fault for not explaining very well. Okay, so the little spheres of illuminating pigment are suspended in a clear gel, so when you pump the bottle the illuminating spheres are crushed as they come through the pump opening giving you a pearly fluid. The spheres are not hard balls, they’re soft with no ‘skin’ as such.. really no idea how the formulators get them to behave like that but nonetheless, they do. Might be something to do with wet-chemical processing of spherical pearl lustre pigments… umm..Hope that helps! 

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