I’m now at the end of the one month trial with Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super System. I’ve been using 3 Point Super Firming Serum and 3 Point Age Defying Cream as well as OLAY Regenerist Regenerating UV Cream SPF15 exclusively for one month. The only other products I’ve used that aren’t Olay are cleansers.

The products are based on Cellular Bioenergetics which is the process by which cells produce and consume energy. It might not be any surprise to know that there is a decline in skin energy – a woman in her 20’s will have wonderfully energetic skin cells, whereas a woman in her 60’s, let’s say, won’t. And although it seems completely obvious, as far as skin energy is concerned, it’s always been hard to prove. Olay’s studies have now proven this and interestingly, there is no point of sharp decline. You’re on a downward spiral from your 20’s onwards – sorry to break it so bluntly! Why does energy decline? The answer is in the mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells) and its ability to produce usable energy. Anything and everything from what we eat to where we live (town or city, sunny or cloudy) can have an effect on the mitochondria.

The bottom line of it is, that by re-energising the cells, you can encourage skin to behave in a more youthful way by restoring the natural bioenergy in older cells. You can’t make them any younger than they are of course, but Olay scientists have rebooted Olay Regenerist so that it does give them a good old boost.

Olay Regenerist
Olay Regenerist: Cells from the inside out!

So I think that’s enough of the science, because we can be as technical as we like, but what counts to anyone parting with money for this technology is how it performs on the skin. There is, beyond a doubt, a difference in my skin from one month ago. It’s brighter, it’s glowier and it looks more plumped and even, and yes, there is some firming action in there, too. The proof of a positive result is that I’m definitely keeping The Super Serum in my beauty regime – that’s where I think the power is. The Age Defying Cream I will use until the last drop is gone; the UV Day Cream, I’m not so bonded to, so will let that one go.

So, what were the promises? There wasn’t much this didn’t promise!

After 10 minutes: a noticeable improvement to appearance of eye lines, brightness, and hydration. TICK.

After 4 days: intense hydration firms skin. TICK.

After 5 days: regenerates skin 2 x faster by boosting natural surface skin renewal. Hard to say this happened after 5 days but in terms of radiance, my skin is vastly improved. 

After 7 days: visible reduction in wrinkle appearance. I had to wait a little longer than 7 days to notice this effect, but it certainly did appear. 

After 4 weeks: reverses 10 years of wrinkle appearance. A very hard point to prove or disprove. I don’t look 10 years younger, that’s for sure, but undoubtedly, my skin is looking and behaving better than it has for as long as I can remember. I think I’d need some intense skin analysis to know whether the clock has been turned back on wrinkles.

I’ve had compliments saying I look fresher and more well (that catch-all word for when people don’t quite know what’s different), I’m not prepared to give up the serum, so probably that speaks the volumes that science can’t.


Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Cream 1

I’m happy to highly recommend that you try it and you’ll see most benefit if your skin is 35+.

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