Nivea Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant.
Nivea Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant.

Hmm, you might well wonder what a deoderant is doing on a beauty blog, but despite being a science-fail (I just want to know if it works or not and am not so bothered about the ‘how’) I am finding the subject rather interesting.

It turns out that stress-sweat, as opposed to exercise-sweat, heat-sweat or just normal everyday-sweat smells a good deal worse than any other. So, if you are in constant stress, then it might be that your armpits are faring worse than anyone else’s. What I find interesting about Nivea’s research into stress, as opposed to quite how this particular sweat is targeted by a deoderant (Stress Protectant Actives, apparently) is that women deal better with stress than men (not a revelation exactly) and that when asked, women say the person who causes them most stress is their partner, while when men were asked, they said their boss! Hmm.

It’s probably a total over-share on my part, but whenever I go for Botox I come out absolutely sweating – in the stress-sweat (smelly) way (eek, I know) – when there’s pretty much no other time that occurs, so it does make sense to me that there is more than one type of sweat because I can relate it to that particular thing in my life. I’m sparing you (okay, me) the science, because I’m going to put it to the test next time I’m at the clinic, then we’ll know one way or another if it works or not.

It’s £3.29 for the 250ml spray, £2.29 for 150ml, £2.49 for Sticks and Roll On is £2.03.



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