One of my very early posts five years ago was about a product for thinning hair. I don’t know why I wrote about it, because I don’t have thinning hair, but I did, and it was really the first time that I was aware that people were reading – and responding to my blog. It was even pre-stats counter, I think so I had no clue until that subject obviously resonated enough for readers to start interacting, asking questions and wanting to try the products.

At the back of my mind, anything to do with thinning hair has always piqued my interest because of that one post. At the time, I got a very good idea of the misery that it can cause, and I understood how confidence sapping very thin hair can be.

So, I know that Nioxin’s Hair Thinning Awareness campaign is going to really hit home. Women (and men) experience hair loss for a variety of reasons, very often hormonal. Lush tresses can weaken and thin out very suddenly. During Nioxin’s independently conducted trials, from a base of 558 people that tested the products, 70% saw an improvement in thicker looking hair within four weeks. Buying into a product range that is genuinely going to help takes the sting a little bit out of the prices, because treating thinning hair is not a cheap option.  And that’s why I’ll be doing a Twitter call out for two people to trial the range and report back. The findings, no matter what, will be reported back, here.

Thinning hair treatments also highlight the importance of looking after your scalp correctly – I certainly never give my scalp a second thought, really, so it’s interesting to me that the Nioxin Cleanser is formulated to rid the scalp of sebum (that blocks hair follicles) and fatty acids so that the optimum environment is created for hair to grow and flourish.

So, to the need-to-know bits. There are 6 three-part systems to choose from, addressing a variety of different thinning hair needs. There are also in-salon treatments, and the Scalp Dermabrasion Treatment and Blowdry I hear (independently of Nioxin) is one of the most wow things that can happen in volumizing thin hair.

If you have any questions about thinning hair, please leave them in the comment section and I will put as many as I can to Keith Hobbs, trichologist and clinical director of the Institute of Trichologists. To start you off, my question is what on earth happens to those people who have had hair transplants when the rest of their hair starts to fall out?

NB: This is a sponsored post, but I’d like BBB readers to get as much out of it as possible so I’ll be doing some Nioxin giveaways on Twitter in the next day or so.


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