[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] If you’ve got a cool £65 to lay down on a hair oil, I can very much recommend CHES Editions 29 Ultimate Hair Oil for absolute softening and smoothing.

CHES The Ultimate Oil for Hair Review

I’ve been very picky of late about what I put in my hair, keeping everything to a bare minimum. The hair I lost as a result of Covid is on its way back cheerfully growing as grey curls, most obviously at the side-burn area. I’m not complaining – I’m very pleased to see them – but do run a straightener through them from time to time because no matter how I blow dry them, they do like to just winkle themselves back into curls at the mere sniff of moisture in the air. But, I was tempted by this combination of argan, rosemary and pumpkin seed oils in a base of heptyl undecylenate. Which is what? Here goes … a lightweight emollient that gives a protective shield, trapping moisture to prevent loss and keep hydration in. It’s smoothing and softening and a natural alternative in products to mineral oils.

CHES The Ultimate Oil for Hair Review

In use – and you don’t need much at all – it’s more of a serum-oil than a full on heavy oil so it goes through hair lightly and weightlessly. If your hair is coarse or you’re prone to frizz you may well see benefits that address both although the rosemary oil inclusion doesn’t have enough evidence around it to make a growth promotion claim. Nonetheless, it’s aromatic and that’s something I noticed about the aroma – it’s not necessarily a ‘hair product’ scent – more of a spa scent with patchouli, mandarin, jasmine and the aforementioned rosemary. So, that’s a pleasant thing to apply after washing. You’ll note that the box and the bottle look more like fragrance than hair product and that’s a purposeful use of styling. Founded by Francesca Barrow, who is a fashion creative and artist, I see why it’s called CHES but I can’t say the name suits the product itself. What do you think? Am I being picky? I’d use it, if I was using it sparingly, in winter when hair is just assaulted by so many unpleasant things the British weather brings us, or straight after a colour treatment for a week or so. As it is, and because I was sent it which changes things I know, I think it’s now part of my routine til the bottle is empty. You can find it HERE.


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