[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Since it’s full on wedding season, I thought I’d drop this new Givenchy Irresistible Hair Mist in as an alternative to a full on fragrance. I love a hair mist as just a suggestion of perfume and generally, your wedding hair is as beautiful as it’s ever going to be so why not make it smell beautiful too.

Givenchy Irresistible Hair Mist

I’m not a big fan of the opener of Irresistible which just a bit too fruity and pear-ish – it feels like there is an initial clash between those notes and the ambrette. However, as it settles it becomes much more subtle and skin-like allowing the rose and iris to come through to give sweet and powdery accents. I like this airy version better – I’m sure it’s just a more dilute version of the original but it shows that for my taste all it needed was paring right back. Less is more for this fragrance I think! It’s creamy, which is lovely although creamy pear isn’t something I come across often, and if you’d told me there was magnolia in this I would believe it easily. I had a quick look at my review of the original and it’s panning out the same, broadly, but I found it somehow gourmand in its intensity. Interesting also that the original fragrance has a sliver of pink ribbon around the neck and this doesn’t.

Givenchy Irresistible Hair Mist

What I really do love is the bottle – that frosting and the facetted back – very romantic and smooth. If all the notes agree with the bride (or groom) I think this is a gorgeous wedding day fragrance – it’s £31.85 at Escentual HERE instead of £38.

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