I went to the launch of Andrew Barton (10 Year’s Younger resident hair stylist) Hair Tools today. Generally, if you can imagine the size of a pinhead, that’s roughly how interested I normally am in hair and hair products. But, AB managed to bring some life to the subject and actually got me styling a model’s hair in the new season trend Rasta something or other (yes, old habits die hard!). But, it was fun, despite him going a little OTT with the dry shampoo leaving me with a lungful. Andrew is bringing out his own range of styling tools and I’ve got my eye on the very lightweight hairdrier. The barrel roller and wave making thing I can take or leave, but an ionic hairdryer that heats to salon level, comes with a diffuser and weighs next to nothing for £30? Give the man a medal. He also dropped in some gorgeous snippets from 10YY – that he always cries at the reveal, and thanks to transformations on the show, at least four women have found the confidence to leave their fist handy husbands/boyfriends.

Some very top tips too from AB about hair that are worth mentioning:

1. Eat coconut…hair thrives on it apparantly thanks to it’s nutrient rich oils;
2. At any one time, 85% of your hair is in a new growth period;
3. Contrary to what we have come to believe, styling tools used properly don’t damage your hair; it’s raking over dry hair time and time again with a heat appliance that does it in;
4. You may as well apply credit crunch tactics to conditioner by only applying to the very ends of your tresses as this is the oldest and dryest section of hair.
5. A cold water rinse for extra shine is pointless.

Nice Andrew’s range is out at Argos in July.

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