[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Thank you, Neal’s Yard Remedies for resisting the temptation (which surely must have been there) to label this a ‘menopause’ collection. I feel quite strongly that there aren’t really any beauty products that specifically target the menopause, at least nothing that doesn’t already exist under different labels. Throwing a label at a product is marketing – it doesn’t make it more likely to help your menopause. I’m sure there are products that will hydrate drier skin, cool a hot complexion or target hormonal break outs but these all exist already – just add an extra tenner and label it menopause? No thanks. ‘Science’ can say anything you need it to – ‘did this spray with mint and onions cool your skin?’ followed by 99% of women found this menopause spray effectively cooled their skin. Nobody asks, ‘did this bucket of icy water cool your skin?’ So, this Women’s Balance collection from Neal’s Yard is very specifically age neutral, for all times of life and in their own words, ‘expertly formulated to nourish your skin and harmonise body and mind, giving a sense of balance through the body’s natural cycles and rhythms for all ages and life stages.’

Neal’s Yard Remedies

I’m also very much on board with the price points having reviewed a much smaller pot of bath salts recently that was almost double the price – this is £15 HERE which feels very reasonable to me. The aromatic blend that’s used throughout Women’s Support is patchouli, geranium, rose and frankincense – while there’s nothing new about this type of blend it does have that immediate spa association which in itself feels rather special. There’s no skimping on level of aroma either – a good breath in will put you in straight in the frame to relax.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Women’s Balance Collection

I mean, all the products are lovely so this post is only going one way – no surprises then that the macadamia and sea buckthorn infused body cream is equally pleasant and perfect after a bath so the aroma sits on your warmed skin. Get your pyjamas on, sink into the sofa and sigh. It’s £30 HERE.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Women’s Balance Collection

I’m a fan of a foamy bath – it’s a delicious way to wind down. The Neal’s Yard Remedies Women’s Balance version is generously scented, reasonably foamy and has a distinctly autumn feel so if the impending leaf and temperature drop has you feeling sad for the ending of summer, remember that it’s the beginning of something else. Every reason to celebrate and ease into hunkering down. It’s £15 HERE. 

Neal’s Yard Remedies Women’s Balance Collection

There’s also a shower oil for those who don’t like or don’t have baths, as well as a roller ball blend to dab on pulse points and a massage oil if you can muster the energy 🙂 Actually, the massage oil is gorgeous – it keeps its scent for a long time too so I’m using it on my legs for extra suppleness. I like this brand a lot – little known fact is that it’s owned by the Kindersley family (books) – and it still retains its own personality which is something in a world of blah beauty. Your non-affiliate link is HERE.





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