[unpaid/sample] The people who are undoubtedly heaviest on make up brushes are make up artists. Literally, the tools of their trade that get daily use, so who better to approve the tools? There’s an expression, buy cheap, buy twice, and I am sure there is more to it than that but it’s what my brain threw up to make the point that brushes are where you can spend a little more to get the quality you want. It’s not always the case mind you, but when I think about the best brushes I have, they’re often make up artist driven (other than my beloved Clinique do-it-all that I never stop raving about and a quirky little Revlon brush that’s good for swatches). Wayne Goss and Cassie Lomas brushes spring to mind.

Nadira Brushes

With that in mind, I was so pleased to discover make up artist Nadira V Persaud brushes. A sure giveaway that a brush has been designed by a make up artist is the face ‘& body’ name – they’re used to applying cosmetics everywhere! There are four soft and airy brushes (synthetic fibre) and they’re generous in size so you’ll get the lightest possible application of product that diffuses perfectly. Something I’ve found with synthetic brushes is that the fibres have no grip on the product – they’re too slidey and pick up can be poor – but that’s not the case here.

Nadira Brushes

As I don’t apply a lot of powders, far and away my favourite brush is this one, the #3 Flat Angled Brush. The fibres are very dense but also very soft so you get a deliciously light and even application with any liquids. I’ve used it for foundation, highlight and creme blush and it works perfectly between the texture variants of those. I think it’s a snip at £20.10 and is available for pre-order HERE as are the rest of the brushes. Nadira has worked with Avon, Neals Yard, Dolce & Gabbana, Wonderbra and Agent Provocateur (very much a need for the body brushes, I imagine!).



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