[unpaid/sample] Having now used Dr Uchenna’s My Smile Whitening Toothpaste for a good 5-6 months I’ve got used to people commenting on how white my teeth look. I’m always taken by surprise because it’s not really something I notice day to day on myself but both Mr BBB and Lucy are now both using it so we are on – at least – tube 3. I’ve had a sample of the whitening pen for some time – the simplest ever thing to use and would highly recommend it as an added extra to the toothpaste.

My Smile Whitening Pen

The pen uses a concentrated oxidiser that deals with stains over time but there is an initial mild brightening effect, not least because the formula contains a little bit of mica. Don’t worry – you won’t have glittery teeth although I am not altogether hating that idea ;-).

My Smile Whitening Pen

In use, you twist up and the liquid comes out (like Stila Kitten Glosses). Uchenna advises that you dry your inner lips a bit first so that saliva doesn’t immediately wash it off – you will have a minute or two of mad grinning but well worth it to allow the serum to do its work. It turns out that masks for the train make this very easy to use anywhere – nobody can tell you’re doing a bit of DIY tooth whitening on the go! It’s more minty than the toothpaste which is freshening and the weird thing is that if you’ve let it ‘set’ for a minute, you can feel it coating your teeth (in a good way) – I’m going to say they feel lacquered but that word implies a thickness that isn’t actually applicable to this – maybe a lacquer veil! If you want to use the My Smile Tooth Pen as a whitening treatment rather than a quick brightener, you’d leave it on for 20 minutes ensuring that you tuck a bit of something (kitchen roll maybe) above and below inside the lips so that the serum doesn’t get any moisture on it to dilute the strength.

I’ve converted several friends to My Smile Toothpaste because it works so well – don’t be impatient and gradually, gradually, the wattage goes up. Like the pen, the toothpaste has all the right ingredients with things your teeth actually need to stay healthy and strong as well as an effective brightener. Full disclosure – Uchenna is a long time friend of mine and trust me when I say I’m so proud of her for bringing out products that are so excellent although not at all surprised. She is warm, kind and funny too – we laugh a lot when we are together. The pen is £23.99 and the toothpaste is £17.99 – both are HERE.

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