Other than Vita Liberata, I tend not to do anything much self-tan wise, and actively steer clear of gradual tans because I’ve seen the jaundiced look they can leave on otherwise lovely people! And, there’s always the moment when self-tan, gradual or otherwise, has to leave the body and that is never pretty. But, on high recommendation I’ve given the Melvita ProSun Gradual Self Tanning Moisturising Gel Cream (try saying that after a gin) a go, and yes, it’s genius. I used it yesterday and today two people said I looked tanned, unprompted. It’s not at all like a full-on tan but I was definitely sporting a summery glow and it looked very, very natural indeed. It veers toward golden rather than a denser brown shade but it is very impressive that after one go, it’s showing already. I think what that means for me is that I won’t need to use it every day so it scores in the long-last department, too. 

Smell-wise, there is no DHA at all, and the formulation is beautiful. It feels properly moisturising and very soft, while smelling a little like orange cupcakes without the sickly backdrop. It actually contains cocoa oil, vanilla flower and sweet orange water, along with plenty of oils and beeswax to effectively soften and moisturize the skin. The secret of this product is Erythrulose, derived from sugar cane and compared to DHA, lasts longer with a more even effect, although is a little slower to develop on the skin (I didn’t find this the case to be honest). It’s £20 and so far worth every last penny. It doesn’t hit the shelves til May but keep checking in because it’s a summer must-have.

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