[unpaid/sample] I love watching this new fragrance brand really settling in and finding its place in the emerging world of more sustainable fragrance. The brand has teamed with Azzi Glasser to create three more eau de parfums to sit alongside their first, Origin, using bioidenticals alongside naturals. Bioidenticals are safe synthetics that take nothing from the land but harness the know-how of bio technology.

Medeau New Launch EDT

I read a feature about bioidentical fragrance and it’s so complicated. The best way I can drill it down is that it’s harnessing the volatiles produced from plant enzymes by reading the DNA sequencing and recreating them using a specific fermentation process. The newness comprises Cedar Noir, Safara and Evening Blush in beautifully illustrated boxes. I would have liked to see that continued through to the labels to keep the individuality. Otherwise, these 97% recyclable bottles are just gorgeously simple and clear.

Medeau New Launch EDT

I’m wearing Evening Blush at the moment – it’s warm and creamy with slightly heady jasmine notes that are freshened with cherry blossom. There’s an aquatic aspect to this that hits at the beginning along with green leaf and peach but it has a sweet aspect to it thanks, I think, to vanilla in the base. Cedar Noir is very tricky to review because it’s pheromone reactive, meaning that it will smell different on whoever wears it. I got a big blast of sharp resin at the start which confused my nose because I expected something more pine-lead, but now it smells woody and a bit eucalyptyus-like. The notes are black pepper, geranium and bergamot with cedarwood and vetiver but the result won’t be quite the same for everyone. It’s one for the adventurer I think! Safara is the safe bet – and I don’t mean that disrespectfully but as a suit-all, it ticks the boxes. Again, like Evening Blush, there is something aquatic about Safara, and it has citrus aspects rising over the milky, powdery notes of tuberose. I love that Assi Glasser has included a ‘molecular vintage lipstick accord’ which gives a little hit of recognition amongst the powdery notes. The base is synthetic musk. If you want to read about the first fragrance, Origin, and the brand you can read my post HERE.

If you’re conscious about what you’re loading onto or into your body, Medeau should be on your list. It’s at the luxury end of conscious beauty purchasing at £95 each but since we’re in gifting season, it might be one to add to your list. The over-riding aspect of Medeau is its gentleness which doesn’t translate to a weaker scent or a less impactful one (although personally I feel it needs topping up more often which is not something I mind about – how nice to have it all over again!) but more a sense of smoothness. You can find the fragrances HERE.



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