MAC Lustre Drops

I’d forgotten all about MAC Lustre Drops and just how amazing they are for adding a beautiful sheen to your skin.

MAC Lustre Drops

I haven’t fully rubbed in here so you can see what it looks like properly on the skin, but it’s perfect for adding light to your complexion. There aren’t any clunky shards of glitter, and being water-based, it blends like a dream. The effect is much more ‘natural glow’ that artificial, although I think you could add it into a liquid bronzer for more high-beam action. I’ve just used it on my cheeks very lightly to give a pearlised lustre effect, rather than all over glow.

I have Sun Rush here (it also comes in a more pink based version, Pink Rebel) and it’s more peachy in tone rather than full on bronze. MAC Lustre Drops aren’t new but I’m delighted to have rediscovered them. They’re £17.50 which seems like a lot for such a small bottle but a little goes a very long way. They’re at MAC HERE.

MAC  Lightful Softening Lotion 

The MAC Lightful range has appeared on the UK site very quietly – it’s a brightening range so I’m guessing it has a fan base in Asia already where brightening is very popular. It’s interesting to see a softening lotion, because much like the Shiseido Softening Lotion, it’s part of a skin care regime that we don’t really take much notice of in the UK. Softening lotions are said to help moisture permeate the skin more readily but I don’t think any such claims are being made with the MAC Lightful Softening Lotion. There are three products in the Lightful range; Softening Lotion, Lightful Essence and Lightful Moisturising Cream – all in the gorgeous holographic packaging.


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