Lumi Magique Bonne Mine
Lumi Magique Bonne Mine

Anything that warms up my skin tone a bit on pale and sallow days is good with me – products with the ‘bonne mine’ tag seem to really suit my tone (remember the Laura Mercier Bonne Mine palette that I literally used to the last?). Bonne mine (said ‘mean’), to explain, is a French term loosely meaning ‘well looking’.

So, this definitely warmed my tone.. and gave very good light-medium coverage. I found it a little on the dry side but then, I also did with Dior BB and I’ve used that all summer! It’s a question of putting a good moisturiser on underneath.

There are SO many new foundations coming, I cannot tell you, and they’re pretty much all premium so anything in the more affordable market that is doing a really good job, as this is, in smoothing, evening and warming is good in my book.

L'Oreal Lumie Magique Illuminating Powder
L’Oreal Lumie Magique Illuminating Powder

This is the Illuminating Powder that will launch along side the Bonne Mine product. I am not a powder lover but thankfully this is a very subtle one that has the advantage of mattifying as well. I’m not sure I’d have this in daily use; I steer clear of shimmery product and in the sun you’d light up like a Christmas tree with this, I suspect. It’s more, for me, a highlighting product. However, for some evening glam, go for it!

In my usual state of disarray, I can’t now find the release.. I’m guessing September launch.

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