[unpaid/sample] While we’re on the topic of hair, I’m wondering what your spend limit is for a hairbrush? I’m not that ‘into’ hair – I’m lucky that I get to test lots of hair products at a variety of prices so I’ve learned over time what I would be prepared to put money into. The hair brush I love best (Daniel Galvin Jnr) is £30 and I thought that was a lot but La Bonne Brosse No.3 The Essential Soft Hair Brush comes in at a cool £128.

La Bonne Brosse No3 Review

But when I think about it, people who are into their hair often don’t really have a limit – think about how much it costs to maintain your hair – if you literally went for trim every six weeks or whatever any particular hairdresser recommends, you might as well take out a hair maintenance mortgage. I go to my local hairdresser and she is very reasonable compared to central London prices but it’s around £75 a time – and more if I go to my other local hairdresser. If I wanted my roots doing (you can tell from all those new hairs popping up which are grey, I haven’t had a root treatment for months!) it would be more, if I wanted a senior stylist add more, if I want the head honcho, even more. So, suddenly, in the context of keeping your hair nice, a £128 brush that lasts almost forever doesn’t then seem quite as outrageous as it first appears.

La Bonne Brosse No3 Review

After trying it, the first impression I had was how much my scalp was tingling – this is certainly giving you the scalp massage that healthy hair requires from circulation promotion. As a de-tangler, it’s effective and easy and interestingly, the brand, from France, suggests you start from the bottom of your hair upwards to brush, rather than at the scalp and down. It’s quite a sensory experience – the brush I am used to using has very wide ‘bristles’ and I think that curly hair needs that in order to allow the curl to naturally behave. I am a curly but I straighten it out more often than not so I can use the Bonne Brosse although notice my hair looks lighter in texture if I use the other one. I do easily see that Bonne Brosse is an asset to scalp health – they actually claim that you will see a difference in your hair health in 21 days but I haven’t tested it over that period of time. I’d suggest that this is the brush for long, straight hair that needs good distribution of oils from root to tip, for short, straight hair that wants shine and volume and for mild wave that wants all of the above. Any hair type would benefit from the scalp massage. If you’re spending out on scalp serums and oils, I’d suggest trying this first, and there are several options of brush. They’re all at Liberty HERE.


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