L'Oreal Oil
L’Oreal Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil

If I’m honest, I was absolutely certain that I wouldn’t like this! But, that’s not the case – I REALLY like it (with a few reservations). L’Oreal Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil is super-light for an oil and if you love skin oils, this one you can use in the day-time instead of reserving the slick for night only. And, it’s very skin softening – I used it this morning and my skin is still feeling silky.

For an essential oil product, it has a very low-level scent which addresses the issue of smelling like a herbal remedy (but conversely if you love the aromas of essential oils, you might be disappointed) and you really don’t need a lot. The promo materials are a little bit shy about claiming long term benefits; however, the formula contains Lavender (antioxidant), Lavandin (collagen), Roman Chamomile (soothing), Rosemary, Marjoram and Geranium (soothing and antimicrobal), Orange Peel Oil (anti-ageing) and Rose (soothing and toning). I don’t have any information on the carrier oil and I’d like to know more about that.

My one sticking point in this otherwise lovely oil is the price – £24.99. L’Oreal have the purchasing power of kings, meaning they have access to cheap (which doesn’t mean bad) ingredients, and I just can’t believe I’m getting what I’m paying for here.. it seems extraordinarily expensive (see what I did there) – if it was half the price, I’d be urging you out of your chairs at full speed. I’d wait and see if there is a Boots or Superdrug offer before splurging but if you spot one, then I’d definitely recommend. I don’t have a scheduled launch date, but  have just checked both sites and it’s not there.


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