Ok, well here it is. A sneaky peek at the LOOK beauty range. I don’t really know LOOK magazine all that well, but it’s definitely an interesting move to use a readership platform to launch a beauty range. I’ve often wondered why Vogue or Harpers don’t do a limited edition palette every now and again.. they have the beauty creative world at their fingertips after all. The most interesting thing about LOOK beauty is that they commissioned a print from designer Ashley Isham, who fashionistas go weak for, and it really is a gorgeous design. However, what they didn’t do was continue it as a theme throughout the collection, so some packaging has it and some doesn’t. Obviously, from an aesthetic point of view, the items, such as mascara, that have the print look far more exciting than the ones that don’t. And, in my view, the world really doesn’t need any more perspex lid monos with literally nothing on them at all. They could be anybodys. Anyway, see what you think? As far as I can tell, the formulations are all as you’d expect from a budget brand, and definitely not the powdery, apologetic formulas you get with some. The shadows seem to give a good pay off, and the lipsticks are lovely and creamy, but I haven’t tried everything yet. 

NB: The light in the pictures isn’t amazing, but I couldn’t find a place so late in the day to get them properly lit up without shadows or over-lighting. 

Mascaras with Ashley Isham print
Lipstick boxes with print

Lipstick casing with print detail

The Triple Hit eyeshadows.. they’re huge!

And…the world’s most boring monos.

And an uninspiring blush.

More Triple Hits.

It’s a pretty comprehensive range; foundation, primer, blush, mascara, nail polishes.. everything you could need really, and it’s going to appeal hugely to a much younger market – who ironicially will probably not get the whole Ashley design appeal at all. So, a mixed bag. I also wonder about their tag-line, Designed, tested and worn by the beauty brains at LOOK magazine. Hmm. Did they really?

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