[unpaid/sample] You’ve got to love mascara claims – this one, apparently, boosts volume up to 4,100%! That’s completely unmeasurable to the average mascara user and might even work against the brand somewhat because it sounds so improbable but as it turns out there is a cosmetic standard Mascara Volume Test (MVT) that determines what claims can be made. It uses a number of parameters including length, thickness, number of individual lashes and lash thickness.

Lash Star Mascara

To test mascara for volume claims (by the way, Lash Star IS a great mascara for widening eyes, building volume and giving excellent definition) it’s applied to real-hair lashes which are measured using photo-optical equipment. This gives a base measurement in two dimensions. After applying up to six times with measurements at each stage, the final measurement is taken (after five or six times, lashes are at saturation and are prone to stick together)  – which gives the amount of exaggeration achieved by the mascara. So, most of us apply two coats as standard – much as I am tempted to take it to six coats in the interests of experimentation, I am very happy with the two – and I don’t want the task of removal!

Lash Star Mascara

Part of the reason that Lash Star gives such a ‘wide eyed’ result is the curvature of the silicone brush and the non-hairy bristles. You get a proper pull through that fits the shape of the eye exactly so it works to do all the things you need it to and it’s volume comes from layering. I did find that it flaked a little which I haven’t seen in a mascara for a while but on the plus, my lashes stayed – and looked – soft rather than crispy. It’s £29.45 (all the Lash Star products are at Harrods bar this mascara which is out of stock) HERE. 


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