THAT palette!! Things couldn’t be more fresh and pretty for Lancome SS13 – with Emma Watson as the poster girl, it’s got a very young and vibrant look to it. Actually, this collection is a great example of how the older market is completely excluded from beauty. 
Emma is 22 years old – most girls of her age are at uni or in their very first jobs so very unlikely to be able to lay down £20 for a lipstick so targeting them to the exclusion of the older market is collection suicide.
Going young on big campaigns is a crazy move – of course there are plenty of women who would love to emulate Emma’s looks, but thanks to YouTube make-up tutorials and beauty blogs, they now know that they can copy that look for a fraction of the price (we all can, remember). It tends to be older women who are more financially secure that can – and do – pay out for premium cosmetics and to alienate them by showing a 22 year old as a role model is, well, nonsense.

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