For all I might have to say about bespoke and artisanal fragrances, sometimes you have to get down to the basics and simplify things. An every day fragrance doesn’t really have to be an olfactory work of art; it just needs to make you feel good and smell pretty. It needs to be the thing you don’t have to think about as you try to rush out to work with a million other things to do before you miss your train and there is a great deal to be said for a fragrance you know works for you – a fragrant friend, if you like.

This is a sponsored post for Lacoste Touch of Pink, but nonetheless, it’s made me focus on every day choices; a perfume that won’t knock the socks off the other commuters, that sits gently and prettily on the skin so it’s a quiet, sensual signature rather than a loud shout but has something distinctive about it.

I’m wearing it now and it ticks all the above boxes; it runs to sweet which I really like but settles into the skin as a fruity-floral. Possibly one of its major benefits is that it’s ageless – it looks young, pink and girly which it is, but I feel quite at home in it, and I am none of those things!

I’ve prettied mine up with the Swarovski crystal star (don’t stick it on yourself!) that comes free with any 50ml (£39) or 90ml (£49) bottle at The Fragrance Shop exclusively – find it  HERE.

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