Korean Beauty Haul

See, it only takes an amusingly shaped lipbalm to get me back on track! Ages ago I did quite a big Korean Beauty Haul order – it’s finally arrived with a little bit of a sting in the tail of £21 in customs charges. But, never mind, I’ll know for next time! I suggest if you want to buy any of the products you see, you shop around and see if you can circumvent the charge.

Korean Beauty Haul

So, I’ll kick off with the Tony Moly Dalcom Banana Pong-Dang Lip Balm which as you might expect is a banana scented salve. It’s more of a hyper-banana scent – even bananas don’t smell this banana-ish! There’s a little bit of a frosted sheen to it that looks a bit pale directly on the lip but over a colour, will look pretty. The little peachy pot is by Dollkiss and smells very prettily peachy – no fruit overload here. They’re both nicely softening balms but high sheen – more glossy than balmy. Cultbeauty in the UK has just started properly stocking Tony Moly with a selection of some of their best sellers (HERE). Bunny ear lip gloss, anyone?

Korean Beauty Haul

This balm, Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lipbalm, is easily one of the most lovely balms I’ve ever used. I seem to remember it was much more expensive than the novelty balms, but oh! You will never have anything so softening on your lips. I was hoping, because of the name, the formula would be the water droplet (like Dr. Jart, where little pearls of water appear) type, but it isn’t. It’s also not tinted! But, honestly – bliss.

Secret Key Chubby Jelly

This gloss promised a non sticky finish with long lasting colour.

Koren Beauty Haul

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting it to be neon. It is totally non-tacky and definitely does a lip smoothing action, but despite the lurid shade, it doesn’t show immediately on the lip – the colour has to kind of warm up.

Korean Beauty Haul

I thought that theSaem Tint In Oil might be similar to Clarins, but it’s a more solid version; less slippy although feels very, very smooth on the lip. I think you’d struggle to know that it was a tint in oil. The shade is a peachy colour that’s very wearable.

Korean Beauty Haul

I actually put this on over Chubby Jelly and ended up with a stringy hot mess on my lips – these are two formulas that can never go together! It smells slightly sweet but really, nothing much.

I’d recommend any of these if you’re looking for fun or interesting textures – I’m not sure I can revisit the Tony Moly Banana but everything else will be used. If you can find Laneige, even though it’s the least interesting to look at, snap it up. It is a complete joy.

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