To be straight from the start, celebrity fragrances are not my thing. I’ve smelled many that would be too cruel to use as fly spray, and a couple (Lovely by SJP springs to mind) that are actually rather pretty. The Kim fragrance is, I would say for Kim fans only, but saying that, there was a parma violet note that I really did like. Oddly, there is no violet note listed, but that’s what I got from it. It’s sweet, flowery, powdery and heavy on the vanilla. 

Fragrance aside, and the reason I’m blogging about it, is Kim herself. The woman is flawless. She has that kind of surreal, peachy skin that looks airbrushed – it’s kind of phenomenal. Despite being teeny-tiny, she has presence. She wasn’t in a particularly ‘giving’ mood, shall we say, at the launch, but to be fair, anyone would have been overwhelmed by the keen fans all waiting to get a snap or a word with her. She was beautifully dressed in black and white in cuts to show off the famous curves, was wearing the most wicked black smoky eye and just looked fabulously sexy despite being exhausted.

I’ve borrowed a picture (with permission of course) from so you can see what I’m talking about.

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