Kent Bronzer Brush
Kent Bronzer Brush

Having a Kent hairbrush was always an aspiration when I was younger – they were impossibly expensive (for my budget) but oh, so covetable. When I was at college, I shared a room with someone from a well-known family of jewellers and all her brushes were Kent – I was so envious! I got my covetousness comeuppance when I ‘borrowed’ some of her face cream when she was out and came out in a horribly red and itchy rash.  Served me right.

So, when this gorgeous bronzer/blush/powder brush arrived from Kent in its own sturdy carry case, I was thrilled to have it – although I have NO idea why it’s got ‘twelve’ written on it. It’s interesting to note that Kent Brushes are one of very few UK hairbrush manufacturers left; they’ve resisted outsourcing to cheaper countries so you have to enter the luxury side of your purse to buy into the brand! The brush is sturdy with soft, natural hair (although it’s not clear exactly what hair – definitely not synthetic – but there are a few items with synthetic hair and also goat hair) and I love that it comes in a case.

Personally, I think that to join the beauty market in terms of brushes, they’ll need to change a few things – the case is great but it’s overly branded – nobody wants that level of branding on anything (a bit like carrying a Harrods shopping bag) and on the site, it seems as though even they aren’t really sure what the brush is for (“use to apply loose powder or bronzer to face”) in a beauty tool context. I daren’t even mention contouring. In isolation, the Kent Bronzer Brush looks a stranger on the site, but there is a fairly comprehensive section of make up brushes (all labelled ‘twelve’ so I’m guessing maybe it’s a brand within the brand) in which it has better context.

The Kent Bronzer Brush is all quality, there’s no doubt, and it will last you almost forever, but for £35 HERE, I think I’d like a little bit more style to go with it. And some neon coloured cases…


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