NOW SOLD OUT Little did I know, in the middle of the first lockdown when I was looking for something to keep me occupied and happy, that what resulted from that fidgetiness would still be going two years later. But, this really is the very last one. The hand made Japanese Cleansing Cloud was designed to represent my love of Japanese ingredients and skincare and was made for the moment to bring smiles to faces when there wasn’t much to smile about and I feel it is job done.

Japanese Cleansing Cloud Yuzu & White Tea

This festive variant is Yuzu and White Tea and it’s the most beautiful burst of citrus that you can smell even before you open the packaging. All the original skin caring oils are there – meadowfoam seed oil, avocado and hemp seed oil as well as rice milk to give a very mild enzymatic exfoliation. It’s high in fatty acids (and can be used anywhere on the body including the face if you wish) so it will never leave your skin dry. The packaging is not fancy but I wanted as much of the budget to go into the skin care ingredients, not the wrapping, but it is biodegradable.

Because it’s the last one, it’s going to be £8 instead of £12 which was the original price and Victoria Health will have it out to you before Christmas if you’re ordering in the next couple of days. It’s a good little stocking filler and a great gift for anyone because as soon as they open it they smile! It’s just a natural reaction to something smiling at you. There is a limited quantity (actually, very limited) and should see you all through the winter months when skin has a tendency to dryness. Hemp is a wonder oil with linoleic and gamma-linoleic acids as well as Vitamin E, D, B1 and B2 and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Japanese Cleansing Cloud Yuzu & White Tea

I’ve had the best possible mentoring from Gill at Victoria Health who is the sole retailer – the Cloud has solidified a friendship and taught me the process of bringing a product to market with all the complexities of that. It’s also brought me some wonderful feed back and I’ve left a few of the comments that made me brim with pride below. You can find the last Japanese Cleansing Cloud HERE (a handful of green ones are also in stock). If you want to read about how the Cloud came to life, you can do so HERE.

“Simply one of the most wonderful launches, I know you don’t think of yourself as an “influencer” but I’d buy one of these over yet another eyeshadow palette any day. Just so well thought out at every aspect and exactly the sort of thing I’d have looked around the shops and thought, why can’t I find a cleanser exactly like that? I got one of the originals but will have to wait until I can get back to the UK for this perfect sunshine yellow version!!! Well done Jane, you must be so proud.”

“’I’ve been using mine for a week now and my skin is looking smooth and fabulous. I was worried that it would melt away to nothing quickly as it’s got those good oils in, but you only need a brief swipe across the bar to get enough for lots of lather. And it smells beautiful!”

“I’ve been a long time lurker and I don’t usually leave comments but just wanted to say how much I’m loving the Cleansing Cloud. It’s actually the nicest bar soap I’ve ever used and I love that it doesn’t leave that squeaky-clean feeling that soap usually does. I’ve been having some skin problems due to an autoimmune condition and the Cloud hasn’t caused any issues with it at all! I’ve used it on my face too (I don’t usually use fragranced products there) and my skin has been looking a lot calmer. I’ve been wanting to switch to more sustainable beauty products and have tried so many soaps with varying degrees of success and this is the one I’ll be sticking with from now on. Anyway to cut a long comment short, it’s a truly wonderful product and not only does the cute face and lovely smell make me happy at a difficult time, it’s making my skin happy too! I don’t think I could rave enough about it and I’ll be putting one in everyone’s Christmas stocking next month” 

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