[unpaid/sample] In the middle of last night’s rain storm, I was cosily ensconced in a hot, Ishga fuelled bath easing off my muscles after a strenuous day, watching Olympic catch up on my iPlayer. It was just perfect. While I’m quite flexible, I do get really sore hips and lower back (have just started taking hyaluronic supplements) from time to time and while I’ll never really, truly know whether it’s the hot water alone or the combination of salts and hot water that ease everything off so nicely, I do feel that it’s a better and more effective experience with the salts.

Ishga Invigorating Bath Salts

I’m like all bath salt enthusiasts I think in that I buy big bags of Dr Teals or similar and slosh the salts in with abandon – this little jar is £26 so I’m not about to be behaving like a bath salt millionaire and do the same with these! At ‘a generous handful’ as instructed, it’s definitely not going to be for every day – much more of a treat-to-self as and when needed. However, it’s a different league of salts – just opening the jar gives your senses a full on blast of lemongrass and lavender. The crystals look completely different to my other supplies – crunchy and flakey and probably as happy on a dining table (without oils!) as in your tub.

Ishga Invigorating Bath Salts

I’m sure I don’t need to list the benefits of sea salt (60 minerals and I’ll leave it there) but the careful mix of lemongrass, lavender, rose geranium and juniper berry essential oils is delicious and worth making a long bath out of with a good book (or iPad) and snacks ;-). It’s HERE.

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