I find my energy comes and goes – I certainly don’t have the boundless energy of my teen years, and have had some horribly low energy points in my life, but on the whole it’s pretty good.

I attribute that to cutting gluten out of my diet, but that’s another story. Before I cut it out, I was genuinely struggling and one of the few things that really helped was having a vitamin drip. It sounds like the stuff of Hollywood, but vitamin drips are readily available these days. I had mine a couple of years ago when it was really a very new thing.

I’m just reading a press release that’s claiming all sorts of anti-ageing benefits (which are dubious) but it is widely acknowledged that bypassing the digestive system with intravenous vitamins will give you more of a kick start than taking tablets. If I hadn’t tried it for myself, I’d be very sceptical, but at the time I was desperate and willing to try anything.

Ideally, you’d consider a vitamin drip a quick fix booster for when you really, really need one, but if you’ve got consistently flagging energy levels, it’s important that you look for the root cause.

So what’s in a booster drip? It depends where you go to have it and what your requirements are, but an energy booster would look something like this: Vitamin C, Glutathione, Selenium, Magnesium Sulphate, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and or Vitamin B12.

And, the procedure is as you’d imagine – you lie on a couch, have the needle inserted and relax for half an hour or so as the liquid goes in. I didn’t feel any different until the next day (you might expect a slight laxative effect) and a full 24 hours from having the drip. It was transformative – my mood was up and my energy was infinitely improved. I felt, just, lighter and brighter.

The effect wasn’t long lasting – less than a week, I’d say. But, the doctor who did my procedure did say that nothing was functioning properly and I was at the stage of complete exhaustion, so it’s no surprise that one drip had a short effect. However, it was that experience that reminded me what things could be like, energy wise, and I took steps to deal with it.

There’s no real anti-ageing effects here, despite the claims – it’s far more about function. As you can imagine, these super shots don’t come cheap.

Clinica Fiore is based in Covent Garden and is offering them for £150, and a course of five for £699 HERE. But do shop around. Crucially, ensure that a qualified nurse or doctor is administrating these. You wouldn’t go to hospital and expect the orderly to fit you up to a drip – the same applies here.

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