[unpaid/sample] I think the last time I mentioned adaptogens was in connection with Tea & Tonic (beautiful teas and face oil which I still use). Adaptogens are safe plant compounds that are thought to help (in this case) your skin to adapt to or resist stress. They’ve been used for almost ever in alternative wellness both ingested (tea, for example) or as topical preparations such as skin care. To tell you all the adaptogens in Neom Big Day Energy Face Mist we will be here forever so I’ll give you the edited version. Lets just say it’s a small bottle with a mighty power.

Neom Big Day Energy Face Mist

In use, you’d apply this mist at the beginning of the day – a wake up call, lets say, for both skin and senses. It’s formulated to protect from blue light and pollution so if you have a busy commute or are screen facing much of the day, you might want to take it with you to top up (you can use it over make up). The spray is fragranced with essential oils (if you’re sensitive to those, it’s not for you) of eucalyptus, rosemary and patchouli which sounds like quite a strong start to the day but in fact is quite gentle. It’s not the olfactory slap you’re expecting!

Neom Big Day Energy Face Mist

So, to the hero ingredients – 38 antioxidants known for their anti-stress properties from ginseng root including blue light and pollution defence plus elf dock flower (never heard of this one) for hydration. Key essential oils include the aforementioned eucalyptus, rosemary and patchouli, you can also add fir needle, wild mint, lavender and galbanum. The mist is hydrating and brightening (from corn seed extracted ribose) over time. While I very much like this mist – it’s just a lovely thing to start your day with – I couldn’t honestly say I saw any difference to my skin after using it. The brand likens it to a daytime equivalent of a pillow mist (don’t spray it on your pillow!) and I really see that – I think if you love a multi-layered skin care approach, you will enjoy this. I  haven’t had it long enough to see anything long term but to me, this feels like a product I would use gladly on a long day in front of the screen both as a sense refresher and a just-in-case skin protector. It’s £26 HERE.

Neom Organics

A quick mention for the Refreshed Candle which came in the same pack as the Bid Day Energy mist – I’ve got it very happily burning on my desk as I write and if you enjoy a light, citrus scent that just washes over every now and again, it’s ideal. It seems perfect for this sunlit spring morning and a welcome accessory to my busiest writing day of the week. It’s £31 HERE.




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