Ok, so I think I have done Sasa justice so far – there are so many stores that you can’t really pass a street without finding one.

I found these Tony Moly lipglosses completely irresistible – started with one – now have two and it is only day 3! The baby blue bunny is a Tony Moly solid perfume in green tea scent that smells really fresh and just like clean laundry.

So many people recommended Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (with snow water science?!) so I bought some and used that lastnight – yes, very hydrated skin!

These strange looking things are plastic on one side and velcro on the other – ideal for keeping your fringe (or bangs) out of your face while you do make up. Yes, they do make me look like Minnie Mouse.

Finally, I have bought some Missha BB cream and above some, ahem, flesh coloured spot cover up stickers and also some charcoal impurity removers.

If I was here on my own you could just park me in Sasa and leave me here for the rest of the week…I’m loving Hong Kong but have that mis-placement feeling – don’t want to look like a tourist but can’t quite find the right way to dress for schlepping round sights, staying cool and looking nice.. sigh. The humidity is high so is doing unspeakable things to my hair and everywhere I look there are perfect skinned Chinese women looking beautiful. I’m really starting to understand the whitening thing more – everyone walks round with UV umbrellas so their skin doesn’t even see the sun, and the result of that is the most immaculate complexions I’ve ever seen.

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