I’m scratching my head a little at the moment in confusion because I’ve had a very recent influx of emails to my BBB account from magazines asking me to promote the fact that they’ve got give-aways in their next issue, gifts with purchase, competitions or some ‘great content’ in the forthcoming months. They’d like me – and other bloggers of course – to give them a shout out plugging all or any of the above. I just don’t get why they think I would? I’ve replied to one, who wanted me to link to their on-line mag site saying I’d prefer it to be a reciprocal arrangement, and of course, got no reply whatsoever. Until the penny drops that this needs to be a two-way street, I suspect they’ll meet with the same bafflement.

What I will do, and am happy to do, is feature content or news that I think is of genuine interest to readers of BBB that couldn’t be easily found elsewhere. Until then, a limited number giveaway (which actually turns out to be a competition for 50 pots of nail varnish) and a link to their site that won’t be returned, isn’t it.

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