So, here we are again! A very big thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the last year – BBB is tipping towards its 11th year which I find very hard to believe even though I’m the one writing it.

You might have everything absolutely set in place for a perfect Christmas but just a quick reminder that it’s only TV Christmas scenes that are actually perfect. Real families are rubbish at being perfectionists despite every good intent. I think you just have to enjoy the imperfection of it all. Steep yourself in Baileys and raise a toast to those that keep you sane.

If you’re on your own at Christmas – so many people are, for a million different reasons – good walk, good film and good food. One does not deserve this less than many.

It’s a really tough time for a lot of people – not a celebration day but self-preservation day. But, it is only one day. On the other side of it is some semblance of normality: cosset yourself as much as you can and if you feel very bleak, the Samaritan line is 116123. You can email them too at


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