Hair Is Fabric

So, it seems there is no stopping DECIEM! One of the lastest brands from the DECIEM stable is Hair Is Fabric (HIF) that takes a new approach to hair cleansing by incorporating techology used in the fabric industy and adjusting it to treat hair.

So, to be more specific about the fabric technology – in the textile world, methods are used that deposit dyes into fabrics that aren’t prone to being washed away by consistent cleansing. You wouldn’t be happy if your beautiful brightly coloured new top didn’t stay the same colour after a couple of washes! While most hair products target the hair cuticle, HIF’s delivery technology lets actives remain anchored to the cuticle, even while washing, so that the ingredients have more of a chance to penetrate the hair more deeply. In theory, things should get better and better with each wash.

Time will tell! I’m going to be trialling the HIF products as soon as I can get to them. I’ve got a bit of a BS alert on one of the ingredients – Precious Rock Extracts (which I cannot believe to have any benefits at all) but hyaluronic (is there any left in the world… has DECIEM bought the lot?!) and an assortment of oils (it’s not stated what) sound tempting.

Think of HIF as a cleansing conditioner..  but with foam .. when people buy cleansing conditioners, they can’t quite believe it’s cleansing properly, so the ‘security’ of ‘fake’ foam has been put in. But it’s still a cleansing conditioner. I know (head explodes). The cleansing action is given by fractionated cleansing particles (very, very broken down oils) and I guess you could liken the action to an oil facial cleanser where skin isn’t stripped but it is cleansed.

There are 15 cleansing conditioners in the HIF range – Hydration Support, Intensive Detox, Colour Support, Volume Support, Straight Hair Support, Curly Hair Support, Anti-Frizz Support, Growth Support, Anti-Aging Support, Black Hue Support, Red Hue Support, Brunette Hue Support, Blonde Hue Support, Silver Hue Support and Anti-Brass Support.

Once again, this is a range that will hugely appeal to anyone who is interested in the science of product – I’m only telling a fraction of the story here – for example Volume Support contains pea biopeptides, Curly Hair Support contains tomato bio-ferment and enzymes and Anti Brass Support contains purple carrot and refractive platinum. I wish that I was more sciency when things like this come along; only because I feel I might not be asking the right questions of the brand.

This range isn’t quite grabbing me as much as previous ranges from the same stable – I can’t quite honestly believe that gem stones in anything has any effect, so we’ll just have to wait and see. But if you want to check out the line for yourself, it’s already launched HERE. Each treatment is £30.


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