The information on Chime for Change came at a timely moment; I’ve just finished a book with a story based in Afghanistan where women and girls have a tougher time than most. Chime For Change champions health, justice and education for girls around the world (60% of children not in education are girls); it has a roll-call of celebrities longer than your arm backing it and it is sponsored by Gucci. 

The bottom line of this shout-out is that any purchase of Gucci Fragrance (50ml +) at the Perfume Shop sends £2 to Chime For Change. Over the Christmas period, this will soon add up to a sizeable amount and I wanted to flag it because if you are buying Gucci Fragrance, it’s helpful to know that buying it from The Perfume Shop will make a difference in the world.

It’s easy to forget that while there are many issues affecting women in the UK, in other parts of the world they are tenfold. I’m not political and don’t want to use my blog to make judgements of other cultures but trafficking, abuse, extreme poverty and being sold into prostitution is not okay anywhere in the world. Nor is no right to justice through law, being routinely beaten and raped or not being considered worthy of any education whatsoever. So when you make a choice about your perfume purchase you make a choice to help empower women and girls through education, justice and health, and that’s quite meaningful.

If you want to look at the Chime for Change website, it’s HERE.


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